Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do You Imagine While Sex

Doing sex is a natural matter and of course it is interesting. Everybody loves to do sex. But that should not be done under age. Everything has proper time and has got the proper way. Most important thing is, in the past nobody thinks about its depth. For the natural necessity it is done, that’s it. If you were told to stay in the jungle can you live in the jungle? No, you cannot. When you are used to in something then it is very difficult to change that. But sometimes it has to change and we had to give up old habits. It is very important for life.

I have seen lots of men and women who are not pleased in their sex life. They have got sorts of problem. I am not going to discuss that entire problem. Sex is fun, sex is charm, and sex is enjoying. But why are you not getting proper pleasure by doing sex. Because, either you are not happy with your sex partner or you do not feel comfort or you do not like your partner.

We have girl friend, life partner, sex partner and others with whom we can have sex. But can anyone tell me that, you get same pleasure and same interest by doing sex with same person everyday. I think no, if I am not lying. It is very natural that, we get addict to the beauty. We feel attraction to come closer with a beautiful girl or a beautiful lady. In our imagination we always think to get a nice lady for having her as a life partner or a sex partner or as a friend. And all of these are very natural.

If you feel boring by doing sex with the same person then there is a policy to get out of it. It will help you out from your problem. It is not possible always to get a nice girl or a nice lady for having her as a life partner or as a sex partner or as a friend. We are human being so it is not possible to change them frequently. That's why, when you are doing sex then try to imagine some other beautiful face. It will increase your pleasure and you will get the maximum happiness. Men and women both can apply it. So, enjoy and have fun.

Enjoy the video and imagine:

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